Over the Bridge to West Cork - (Print)

Over the Bridge to West Cork - (Print)

This painting harks back to the golden age of Irish railways when Ireland was well served by a rail system that criss-crossed the country side. In recent decades, the rail system has seen a decline, but many monuments to its glory days are still seen throughout the country.


In 1961, the south coast section of line, serving Bandon, Skibbereen, Bantry, and many more stops in between, was closed after over a hundred years in operation. Left behind was the magnificent Chetwynd Viaduct, a structure that still spans the main road from Cork to Bandon. Today, the Viaduct remains a sight to behold, but how glorious it must have looked and sounded when trains powered across it rattling its cast iron arches.


In 1955, road bowler Mick Barry laid claim to being the first man to loft a bowl over the 90 foot high bridge.


Available on Hahnemuhle Photo Rag fine art paper or on photographic poster paper.

Original painting also available - spray and acrylic on plywood, also available.